Where Abouts?


I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley, working with Ion Stoica. At UC Berkeley, I am investigating new directions on analyzing massive datasets, with a focus on performing in-memory computations, low latency (interactive) queries and dynamic datasets.

Prior to coming to Berkeley, I completed my PhD at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I worked with the awesome duo of Brighten Godfrey and Matt Caesar. During my PhD, I worked on low latency queries on big graphs, scalable routing in networks, and on formal techniques for debugging networks. I received the 2012 UIUC Rambus Fellowship (for outstanding performance in computer science and engineering research), 2010 UIUC Wang-Chung Research Award (for excellence in research) and was listed in Spring 2010 list of teachers ranked as excellent by their students (for excellence in teaching; Jeff Erickson's undergraduate algorithms course). In an earlier life, I managed to get an award in the form of an undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

Some of my recent papers are listed below, and a full list can be found here or at Google scholar. Being a researcher, I should always have a particular problem bugging my neurons; I list the most recent problem below as well.

Selected Recent Projects

Systems: Succinct (NSDI), Anteater (SIGCOMM)

Networking: Compact Routing (INFOCOM), Compact Routing With Policies (ToN), Slick packets (SIGMETRICS), CherryPick (SOSR), FastLane (SoCC)

Theory: Stretch Less Than 2 (SODA), Optimal(?) Stretch Less Than 2 (ESA), Stretch 2 (PODC), Linear space oracles (INFOCOM)

Coding Theory: List Decoding Network Codes (ISIT), Low Complexity Encoder/Decoder (ISIT), Watchdog for Wireless (INFOCOM)

Currently on my mind?

warning: my interests change more frequently than Irish weather, but this webpage is updated less frequently than Champaign weather!

Succinct: Enabling Queries on Compressed Data, Compressed and Encrypted data

Making sense of large-scale data (semi-structured and graphs): streaming real-time data, storage versus latency trade-offs

Distance Oracles: building systems based on recent theoretical advances in distance oracle research

What do I do?

A terrible question to answer:

I don't do research! I research!

I still think research is different (and much more enjoyable) than attending classes and writing exams!

I still wonder if I am a scientist, a mathematician, an engineer or just a student! But I know this and this :-)

I still strongly believe that I am correct in being proud of being an IIT-ian. I wish I could be one of the prominent ones.

I still drink more beer than any of my friends. Some of my friends (specially Irish) do come close though :D I still don't (and can't) stand a drop of whiskey / vodka / rum.

I still travel more than I should.

I still do crazier things than most of the my crazy friends. One of my friends considers me as the craziest guy alive (analogous to Morpheus, the most dangerous man alive!)

I still sleep 2-3 hours a day.

I still have my email box opened 24/7. Though I only get to reply to all not-so-urgent emails once in a while.

I still love Apple, Google and Sony products. I use Safari for web-browsing and I own a Dell laptop.

And if you are still interested after reading all this, Yes, I am a PhD Student. I still jump from vertex to vertex on any graph I see, trying to characterize the qualities of these vertices and their edges.

— "I don't play against anybody, I play against the idea of losing!"

— "Love is solving every problem as if its your last!" ("Love is playing every game as if its your last!")

— "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

— "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!

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